Abstract Dimensions

by Colin Rayment


Track listing:

1. Skyward Euphoria 08:21
2. Mortal Angels Descend In Erebos 12:18
3. Monterosa In The Clouds 07:34
4. Nautical Almanac 08:45
5. Dreaming Of The Empirical Journey 08:46
6. Navigation Of A Helix 16:26
7. The Sadness Of Tales 06:46


The inspiration behind Abstract Dimensions:

Whatever we do or whatever we create, there is always another angle or perspective with which to view something. Be it a still image, moving image, or indeed sound.

How would slowing down and modifying some moving footage in some way affect a musical composition, when the piece had been originally made specifically for it?

If you were to create an abstract image from a recognisable picture, or structure and compose music specifically for that abstract image, the music would most probably have a very different sound and feel.

This is where my experimental musical journey began. Skyward Euphoria (track 1), takes its name from some footage created on a journey through northern France. The majority of footage having been taken simply from inside a moving car. This became the main inspiration for the track. The footage was slowed down, as the viewer witnesses the ever changing sky and slowly passing bridges along a French Autoroute.

Abstract Dimensions is a personal 'journey', deriving its musical inspiration from some abstract thinking, while reflecting some of the positive feelings in life, along with some of the more melancholy.

Some opinions about this album:

"I've been listening to this Colin Rayment album since two days now. Wonderful music with a unique sonic texture. Give it a try, 2 or 3 listenings will be needed, and you will be blown away. Guarantee..."
Sylvain Lupari, Synth&Sequences

"Special attention to this great release Rayment. Colin - Abstract Dimensions. It has been spinning in my CD player many times the last weeks and I think it a great album that many who love Berlin School will enjoy!"
Ron Boots, Groove Records, Dreamscape Radio

"I am absolutely delighted that Colin has had his latest album released on Syngate, as this should give him more exposure than ever before- and he deserves it, especially with this offering as it is his best to date. The closest comparison would be to 80s Tangerine Dream especially on the track ‘Monterosa in the Clouds’ (which I reckon is slightly tongue in cheek) but to a greater or lesser effect that sort of feel permeates the whole album. I loved it to bits. Thanks Colin (well done!) and thanks Syngate. Very highly recommended."

"Colin Rayment bietet auf dieser CD feinste elektronische Musik, voller schöner Melodien und dezenten Rhythmen. Die Stücke finden auch ausreichend Zeit um sich richtig zu entfalten, genügend Zeit zum musikalischem Genuss!
(Colin Rayment has on this CD finest electronic music, full of beautiful melodies and subtle rhythms. The pieces can also be found sufficient time to unfold properly, plenty of time for musical enjoyment!)"
Uwe Saße, sequenzerwelten.de

There has been some great radio/podcast play also so far, on modul303.com (soundtag special), radiosunrise.de, syndae.de (episode 315) & aiiradio.net
Many thanks to all those involved in playing Abstract Dimensions


released September 5, 2015

Produced, composed and arranged by Colin Rayment ® © 2015

Cover artwork by Colin Rayment
Cover Design by Kilian Schloemp-Uelhoff

This Album is available:

1. on the official SynGate bandcamp Page:

2. on the official SynGate Site:

3. on the official Musiczeit Site:

Special thanks to Kilian Schloemp-Uelhoff & John Valk Waveman
Also a special thank you to Dr Ruth Vickers for much patience (and long suffering!)

For more info visit www.colinrayment.com

email: colin@colinrayment.com



Colin Rayment London, UK

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